your 15 second film review...

"saw transformers 3 last night"


"well, it was better than the other transformers movies "

"that's saying a lot."


big brother quote of the day (so far)

"there's nothing to smile about when you stayed up till 4 am playing magic....."

- I agree.


Channel 107, 254, or if you're looking really hard for it.

After 6 years my favorite man without a lower body has departed CURRENT TV. It's the latest change in a train of tragedy for my hours-of-mindless -podcast-watching-self-circa-2008. I loved my affair with Al Gore before he went public just like I loved my Current tv before it went (former) MTV executive bull...

I can't even....


Historic Boston Landmarks

Who is the creeper fountain diving in a blizzard trying to get at my bb al roker?


Happy Paula Year!

On average I spend 19 hours per day watching food-related programming. Not sure why you don't too..... There's your resolution.